Make this city your home

Learn English, make friends and find community in Norwich Find out more

Make this city your home

Learn English, make friends and find community in Norwich

 A huge thank you to our volunteers and supporters who are helping us to continue to support our asylum seeker, refugee and migrant students and their families during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency.

Term has now finished and we will restart on Thursday September 10th. We currently plan to start online but as soon as we are able to we will move back to face-to-face sessions. As you are aware this will depend on many issues, and as we don’t have premises of our own it is not entirely our own decision.

Just to let you know what we have been doing this term … All our classes have been cancelled since lockdown began, but we have been supporting students with:

– three online English classes a week for students using Zoom
– weekly food deliveries to over 100 people per week
– doorstep visits, phone and online support for our most vulnerable students to check people are ok, provide practical support where needed, such as top ups for phones, assistance with digital access, signposting to other agencies, help with medical appointments and much more
– learning packs and STEM magazines for children and summer activity packs for families

We have been working with our Norwich Integration Partnership (NIP) partners to make sure we are all supporting as many people as we can, offering the same level of service to each person in need, with the same criteria, and not duplicating.

We have also worked with our NIP partners and our supporters to put together a hardship fund which is providing financial and practical support to those in the most urgent and significant need during this crisis.

Read the latest NIP partners update.

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A little about us


We are English+, a Christian charity that supports new communities in Norwich to learn English, form friendships and to make this city a home. We welcome anyone who finds themselves isolated by lack of English language including refugees and asylum seekers; beginners and advanced; young and old; all faiths and none.


What our students have to say…

‘I’m still impressed with so much hospitality, help, kindness and generosity. Thanks very very much for being as you are’

What our students have to say…

‘English+ has changed my life by reducing communication barriers and cultural gaps.’ 

What our students have to say…

‘I’m happy to learn English here because the speed of my improvement is so fast.’

What our students have to say…

‘Thanks for making us feel at home and treating us like friends.’

What our students have to say…

‘Your classes are so important to help people to learn the language and be able to fit in.’

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